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What can

The Computer Genius

do for you?


We are experts in every aspect of computer management.

Combined, our staff has an aggregate total of


working with computers.


We are experts in network setup and maintenance.

We specialize in wireless networks and are

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers.


We will purge the viruses, Trojan horses and spyware

from your computer, and prevent it from being infected again.


We can install or fix any hardware, any software program,

or any other peripheral connected to your system.


We offer individual tutoring to help our clients learn how to

maintain their own systems, and we teach them how to

prevent future problems.


We can transfer your video tapes to DVDs, or teach you how to

do it yourself.


We can teach your children how to prevent infecting your

household computers with malware, and we can show them

how to protect themselves from online predators.


We can teach your staff how to use their computers effectively,

how to utilize email and ftp, and how to get the most from the

technological resources available at your business.


What’s the bottom line?


The Computer Genius charges a flat rate of $65 per half hour.

We do not charge for travel time.

We do not charge a minimum fee per visit.

There are no other charges, surcharges or additional fees.


Call us now for immediate assistance: 405-947-2222